EVD031 – Joseph Martin – Worldwide

by / Friday, 29 December 2017 / Published in RELEASES

If you need something funked up right, there is no better choice than East Van Digital boss Joseph Martin. His disco-fied funky house style has been perfected over a decade plus of wandering around in Shambhala Music Festival’s Fractal Forest, the Lotus basement, and Shakedown airwaves. His latest offering is two slabs of funkadelic house that are purrfect for any Caturday Night Disco.

“Worldwide” hits with a sense of urgency, its brisk beat supporting a “disco” vocal sample, gaining worldwide status as the sinking bass line worms its way into earshot to lube up your backbone for maximum slide-ability. Clean, stadium rock guitar screams in, monolithically framing the minimal melody. Put it all in a pot, and stir it up proper.

“Encore Une Wah” steps hard on its 4/4 beat laced with sweet tom-tom fills and stabs of hi-hat, quickly injected with a butt-bumping fling of warm bass guitar. Rising, siren-like distortion simulates the onset of an MDMA buzz, leading to prickly jabs of wah-wah lead guitar and a celebratory vocal refrain. Oh yeah!

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Joseph Martin – Worldwide b/w Encore Une Wah