EVD030 – Sinerise – Phantom

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Resident triple-threat Sinerise, member of TURU Crew and noted switch witch on pirate radio’s SUB FM, is a Vancouver-based producer, vocalist, and DJ. Sinerise dabbles in just about every form of electronic music, from experimental garage and ambient house, to heavy trip-hop and roots-inspired dubstep. Her broad musical passions fuel her latest productions for East Van Digital, offering a pairing of dubstep and drum and bass.

“Phantom” comes on hauntingly, with the rise and fall of ghosts sighing over a broken beat. From the floorboards come her tapping percussives, as deep reverberating pads introduce a haunting story. Creeping from beat to beat, the piece lands heavily on atmospheric dubstep about a minute in. It’s a positively spine-tingling window into the faceless.

“Beams” eases right into crunchy synth stabs, cutting off until the track finds its feet in minimal percussion. It shuffles its way to a halftime sway, and glides casually into dubby, atmospheric breakbeat, with elegant elongated melody. Her progressive pad-work keep things chilled while her drums push the track upwards in the stereo fringes.

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Sinerise – Phantom b/w Beams

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