Now available.

2 new blazing funky house tracks.

Now available.

2 new tracks of autonomic drum & bass and deep dubstep.

"We’re loving what we’re hearing from East Van Digital lately with their consistently stellar outflow of genre bending, forward thinking electronic music, blending the boundaries of house, techno and bass music."


So the time has come to finally announce that East Van Digital will finish up in 2018, with our 100th release!

Over the past 8 years we've had the honour of working alongside numerous talented local, national, and international artists. Asides from the producers who have contributed music, there have been many behind the scenes people, with which this never would have been possible.

Our current release schedule will see new singles from Kasey Riot, Sinerise, and Joseph Martin, along with our annual EVD Best Of, followed by a new Longwalkshortdock LP. To cap it off proper, for our 100th release, we will be compiling a double vinyl LP set, featuring more than a dozen choice cuts from EVD's catalog.

We've also been working towards making the majority of our catalog available for free downloads, which you can access via our Free DL page right here on our website.

Many behind the scenes aspects of EVD will continue to be business as usual, for a few more years to come, as we continue to honour all of our contracts and agreements with artists and partners. During this time we will continue to give our fans and listeners added exclusive tracks and playlist compilations to keep feeding your ears.

We're so proud of our artists and their successes, and grateful to our local crews, festivals, and nights that have supported both our music and our artists. Our excitement for supporting local music is certainly not diminished as we prepare these last few releases and continue on to 2018!