2 powerful new tracks from Dark Arps.

Exclusive Producer's Pack available.

Analog influence.

Tasen - Slow Them Down.

With remixes from Kir Mokum, Rennie Foster, Riddim Fernandez, Shamik.

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EVD021 – Dark Arps – Chatter

Tuesday, 17 February 2015 by

East Van Digital presents our 21st single, featuring 2 tracks from Dark Arps. Canadian-raised, British-educated producer Jon Bierman is back with a new single under his Dark Arps moniker, delivering two 125 BPM bangers that are sure to get the dance floor moving in the right direction. “Chatter” employs processed bird calls and animal cries

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EVDEP022 – Andy Clockwork – Scronk EP

Wednesday, 11 February 2015 by

In music, as in comedy, timing is everything. Given that as a general truth, the life and career of Andrew Wright has run like clockwork. A long-time drummer in several stylistically various bands, he happened upon house music on a Whistler ski trip in the mid-90s. This chance encounter sent him digging through Vancouver’s crates

EVD020 – Tasen – Slow Them Down + Remixes

Wednesday, 04 February 2015 by

East Van Digital presents our 20th single, Tasen “Slow Them Down”. Tasen represents a new direction for East Van Digital boss Joseph Martin in his studio. After much trial and error in collecting the perfect synths and sequencers for his studio, Tasen sees Martin eschewing software/laptop production in favor of an all hardware/live PA aesthetic.

East Van Digital presents a compilation of the best selling tracks from our fourth year of releases. 8 top tunes from our various artist compilations, singles, artist EP`s & LP`s, showcasing the talent and underground sounds that EVD is now well known for. Various Artists – The Best Of East Van Digital Volume 4 Release

EVDLP009 – Project Pet – Orange

Thursday, 18 December 2014 by

East Van Digital presents our 9th full length LP, Project Pet “Orange”. In the great tradition of the enigmatic beatsmith (here’s looking at you, Clutchy Hopkins) comes a sick instrumental hip-hop album by an unknown wunderkind going under the name Project Pet. Seriously, we aren’t going to telling you who it is. And sure, while

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East Van Digital presents our 19th single with Joseph Martin Feat. Sauce, “Rock Freak”. Since ’98, Joseph Martin has become synonymous with funky house music sounds, from clubs and festivals all over Western Canada, he is well known to get disco fingers wagging. Vancouver wordsmith SoS aka Sauce (of Amoeba Sound Design) has been on

EVDVA012 – Various Artists – EVD Bass 4

Thursday, 04 December 2014 by

The fourth installment in East Van Digital’s mountain crumbling EVD Bass series expands its scope well beyond the 604. Invoking the wrath of Manchester’s high wizard of electro dub, “Tears Of A Savage” sees Danni Skerritt channeling his Dirty Freud juices into minimal breakbeat. The downward bending organ-like lead gives the beat an impertinence, a

EVDVA011 – Various Artists – EVD House 5

Thursday, 23 October 2014 by

The fifth instalment in the illustrious EVD House series sees some creative push and pull from its contributors. The first two tracks present unique collaborations. “Pockets Deep” sees a Calgary connection as Adamallday, a transplant from Charlottetown, and Haakonsen, a force in Western Canada since 2004, hook up on a slick deep house track with

East Van Digital presents our 18th single with Queensyze & Ded Sheppard. There’s a high level of pedigree on this single. Under the name Queensyze, Jennifer Roworth has earned the reputation for being one of Canada’s leading drum and bass producers, while Ded Sheppard is the new project of Andrew Bartos, famously known as c((o))de

EVDEP021 – Kytami – Kytami Remixes

Thursday, 15 May 2014 by

Victoria’s Kyla LeBlanc (a.k.a. Kytami) is one of the hottest rising stars in BC. A violinistextremist who acts as a conduit between the disparate forces of classical and electronic music, bringing together fiddle perfection and hip-hop/dubstep forms, her distinct perspective has helped shape the West Coast scene for years, across all musical boundaries. Her work

Following up his two previous singles, both collaborations with Emily Spiller (Beacon Hill Records) that yielded world class remixes care of the West Coast’s finest, Victoria-based producer Numbersix returns to EVD with an EP full of originals. Telekinetic Lovers sees Spiller returning to lend her haunting vocals to the track “Smoke And Mirrors”, but the

EVDVA010 – Various Artists – EVD Bass 3

Thursday, 16 January 2014 by

Design & Logo by Emma Lehto. East Van Digital is proud to present the third installment in its ground breaking, earth shaking EVD Bass series, featuring the cream of the West Coast bass scene with exclusive tracks from ill-esha, the Librarian, Self Evident and 22:22. Under the name ill-esha, Elysha Zaide has been one of

East Van Digital presents a compilation of the best selling tracks from our third year of releases. 14 top tunes from our various artist compilations, singles, artist EP`s & LP`s, showcasing the talent and underground sounds that EVD is now well known for. Various Artists – The Best Of East Van Digital Volume 3 Catalogue

East Van Digital presents our 19th artist EP, Dark Arps ‘Hanging On The Wall’. Dark Arps is a name that lights the imagination and keeps the bass worshiping children of Vancouver warm on damp winter nights. This is the primary creative outlet for Jon Bierman these days, a Canadian-raised and British-educated producer who previously recorded

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East Van Digital presents our 17th single featuring Numbersix and Emily Spiller who pair up again to see the release of their moody drum and bass tune `Eye Of The Beholder`. The original mix shows cavernous depth, including Emily’s jazzy yet haunting vocal, while DJ Thistle keeps true to form, elevating the energy in his