EVDEP006 – Andy Clockwork – Every Time I Groove EP

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East Van Digital presents the sixth release in our artist series, Vancouver producer Andy Clockwork’s ‘Every Time I Groove EP’. This EP is a collection of 4 tracks that exemplify the bumpin’ groove that is Andy’s signature sound. The title track playfully drops disco stabs over it’s dance floor shuffle, while a subtle funk guitar meshes with classic electro synths on ‘Laser Beam T Shirt’. Things get spicy with ‘Salsa Picante’, a mix of retro synth sounds and hip shakin’ percussion; lastly, ‘Supercharger’ is a modern house music soundtrack perfect for late night driving through the city.

Release Date:
Beatport Exclusive May 17, 2012
All other digital retailers May 31, 2012

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Andy Clockwork – Every Time I Groove EP

_Every Time I Groove
_Laser Beam T Shirt
_Salsa Picante


Tomb Crew, Tyler Stadius, Jon Delerious, Carbon Parlour, Kristian Littmann, Jon Lee, Joseph Martin, Luke Out, Kohsuke Fukuda, City & Mixxxy, Discosynthetique, DJ Nfinity, Freddy La Funk & more…


Tomb Crew
(Every Time I Groove) “Nice release”

Tyler Stadius
(Laser Beam T Shirt) “Good ones. Love the Dr.Who vibes on Laser Beam T. Thanks”

Jon Delerious
(Every Time I Groove) “Nice one!”

Carbon Parlour
(Every Time I Groove) “Every Time I Groove” is fantastic. Will be giving this a spin on my next Digitally Imported radio show.”

Jon Lee
(Salsa Picante) “Insane!!!!” 10/10

Kristian Littmann
(Supercharger) “Great package, each track offers something above the norm. Love the breakdown in Supercharger!”

Freddy La Funk (Bondi House DJs)
(Every Time I Groove) “Funky Bassline…jammin!!!”

DJ Nfinity
(Supercharger) “An original sounding ep with lots of funky charm.”

Luke Out
(Every Time I Groove) “Andy Clockwork brings the heat again. Full support on this one.”

City & Mixxxy
(Supercharger) “Salsa Picante & Supercharger have some cool feels 2 them”

(Supercharger) “Solid funk. Supercharger is definitely a groove!!!”

Kohsuke Fukuda (Galaxy Records, Japan)
(Laser Beam T Shirt) “Laser Beam T Shirt is nice. Thanks!”

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