EVD013 – Andy Clockwork – KayCee + Remixes

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East Van Digital presents Andy Clockwork’s ‘KayCee’. Originally released on Clocktower Records, we’ve teamed up with Andy to revisit his original and revitalize it with a fresh remastering and brand new remixes. Standing tall alongside Andy’s original slice of underground house is a shuffling garage remix from My Electronic Friends, with all the deep bass kicks and floating keys that are the trademarks of a classic. Myles Away turns up the heat on his version, a hybrid of electro house and dubstep, complete with dirty synth-laden breakdowns and an invigorating bounce. Ryan Wells rounds off this release with a warm hip hop dub, topped off with dreamy synth work and smart percussion.

Release Date:
Beatport Exclusive June 21, 2012
All other digital retailers July 5, 2012

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Andy Clockwork – KayCee + Remixes

_My Electronic Friends Remix
_myles AWAY Remix
_Ryan Wells Remix


Mat The Alien, Tomb Crew, Neighbour, Freedom Danish, Bastet, Jason Score, Carbon Parlour, City and Mixxxy, Tony Diamond (aka The Incredible Melting Man), Joseph Martin, Suburb Beat, Lyssa, Jon Lee, DJ FM, Discosynthetique, Luke Out, Moto Masa and more…


Mat The Alien
(myles AWAY Remix) “really good” 10/10

Tomb Crew
(Original) “Nice bouncy release, feeling this”

(Ryan Wells Remix) “Really cool fucking shit guys!! Can’t decide which mix…” 10/10

Freedom Danish
(myles AWAY Remix) “Some really fun interpretations, particularly enjoy the high energy streetbass feel of myles AWAY’s remix. Very fun!”

(My Electronic Friends Remix) “loving the My Electronic Friends & Ryan Wells remixes”

Tony Diamond (aka The Incredible Melting Man)
(Original) “love the My Electronic Friends remix, but I’ll be playing the original mix in my Tony Diamond sets” 10/10

Jason Score
(My Electronic Friends Remix) “My Electronic Friends mix is exactly what I want to be playing in my sets right now. Wicked groove. Love it.”

Carbon Parlour
(myles AWAY Remix) “Really like the myles AWAY remix, going to try this on my next radio show for Digitally Imported!”

Suburb Beat
(Original) “we love this style!!!”

(myles AWAY Remix) “Totally blown away by this track and the quality of the remixes. The garage and myles AWAY mixes are going to be getting my full support!”

(myles AWAY Remix) “Thick sounds! Pretty awesome, real dancefloor thumpers for sure”

Kohsuke Fukuda (Galaxy Records, Japan)
(Ryan Wells Remix) “Ryan Wells Remix is nice!”

Jon Lee
(Original) “Full support!!”

(Myles Away Remix) “Very solid mix”

Luke Out
(Original) “Another solid release from Andy Clockwork & East Van Digital”

Justin Hale
(Original) “The original mix has just the right amount of everything. Also digging the My Electronic Friends mix but right out of the blocks, the Original does it for me. Nice work EVD”

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