EVD011 – Dee Bass & Joseph Martin Feat. Spyte – Applesauce

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East Van Digital keeps it fly with it’s next release, bringing aboard a talented team of producers to rework an original collaboration between Dee Bass, Joseph Martin & Spyte. ‘Applesauce’ is a modern underground hip house jam, complete with a funky bassline, unique percussion and lyrics with attitude! Twisting up the track into an upbeat drum & bass floor filler is Dirtnapper, while Discosynthetique remixes the tune into an all-out funky electro breaks jam. Yan Zombie crunks this jam, turning in a jazzed-out rework featuring keys from The Psillionaire, and 22:22 cranks up the electro hop in his highly energized midtempo rocker!

Release Dates:
Beatport Exclusive March 22, 2012
All other digital retailers April 5, 2012

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Dee Bass and Joseph Martin Feat. Spyte – Applesauce

_Dirtnapper Remix
_Discosynthetique Remix
_Yan Zombie Xtra Fly Remix
_22:22 Remix


Mat The Alien, Audit, Cut La Whut, Freedom Danish, Whoa Grenade, DJ Cure, City & Mixxxy, Flatland Funk, Jon Lee, Kristian Littmann, The Stunt Man, Ben Chemikal, Miss Kosmik, Trevor Refix…


Mat The Alien
(Discosynthetique Remix) “really good big ep” 10/10

Cut La Whut
(Original Mix) “The original is a house hop track thats drippin game and a mean half time breakdown in the middle. The Dirtnapper Remix brings in that DnB jungle jump up feel, filled with filtered bass lines and some lyrical flow over the top that makes me reminisce about the glory days of jump up. The Yan Zombie remix slows it way down chopped and screw style, while 22:22 keeps the hip hop remix in the mid 80’s on the bpm tip. Discosynthetique gives this one a breakbeat re-rub with a bouncy flow that rides the track nicely, especially when it drops to a halftime beat with a funky synth floating thru the breakdown.”

Flatland Funk
(Discosynthetique Remix) “WHAT A SICK REMIX BY DISCOSYNTHETIQUE!! Supporting!”

(Yan Zombie Xtra Fly Remix) “Yans my man on this one, gangster as fuk!”

City & Mixxxy
(Discosynthetique Remix) “Cool release….a bunch of dif flavour all over….big up this”

Ben Chemikal
(Orignal Remix) “Great EP! Really feeling the Original for the big old school wobble throwback, while the 22:22 Remix is heavy with the crunked up lazer vibes. Also really big on the Discosynthetique remix :)”

Freedom Danish
(Discosynthetique Remix) “Really a fun party tune that I will deffo rock in various situations this spring!”

DJ Cure
(Yan Zombie Xtra Fly Remix) “Feeling the original + the Yan Zombie remix.”

Whoa Grenade
(Discosynthetique Remix) “Discosynthetique killed it! Love that hat pattern and the vocal cuts are boss too.”

Jon Lee
(Original Mix) “Dope!!!”

Kristian Littmann
(Discosynthetique Remix) “I like the breaks in the Discosynthetique remix…Keep up the good work!”

Trevor Refix
(Dirtnapper Remix) “The Dirtnapper remix is refreshingly dope for a d+b remix. I’ll be playing out the original even though I don’t eat pork.”

The Stunt Man
(Original Mix) “Nice one…Keep pumping them out!”

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