Out now.

Suburb Beat - The Last Tribute EP

4 groovy house tracks from EVD's French connection.

Now available.

The superbly produced debut full length LP.

Includes gorgeous vocals from Chantel Upshaw.

"We’re loving what we’re hearing from East Van Digital lately with their consistently stellar outflow of genre bending, forward thinking electronic music, blending the boundaries of house, techno and bass music."



No shortage of new projects coming your way this spring, including some masterful full length albums.

The newest LP from Longwalkshortdock, "Squashing Machine" is now available, 12 brilliant tracks from Vancouver's favourite live PA artist.

EVD teams up with Crystal Precious of Sweet Soul Burlesque to release "The Striphop EP", a 6 track companion piece to her live show, produced by Self Evident. Out April 10th.

April 17th sees the release of the new My Electronic Friends "Temporal Echoes" LP, which spans sounds ranging from drum & bass, garage, techno.

Longtime label artists Suburb Beat from Bordeaux, France hit us with an exciting all MPC sample based release, a 4 track excursion of house & garage, coming in May.