New single from Andy Clockwork.

Inspired by Festivus Music Festival.

Suburb Beat - Out Of Sampler Vol. 1

5 tracks of funky French house.

"We’re loving what we’re hearing from East Van Digital lately with their consistently stellar outflow of genre bending, forward thinking electronic music, blending the boundaries of house, techno and bass music."


Available now from Queensyze is the garage/house single "Somebody Like You", featuring variety of remixes including Diana Boss, Esette, Greazus, and SOLLORS.

We have a new single from Squamwise, "Antisocial Popsicle Girl", featuring two tunes of lo-fi slow tempo indie dance.

Audit delivers a new one as well, "Baroons" with "Friday Nights", both funky glitch hop numbers.

Brand new 5 track EP from Suburb Beat, all funky French house, available June 24th, 2016.

A new single from Andy Clockwork, "Jolly Lake", featuring house music stalwarts Jon Lee, Sheps, & SOLLORS. Out July 1st, 2016.

Festival season is here, we'll be enjoying the sounds at Festivus Music Festival, Bass Coast Project, Electric Love Music Festival, and Shambhala Music Festival!